Weekends can be a very good time to make some extra money, especially for those who may make or place bets.There’s usually a rush during this time of the week amongst betters across the world. There are so many opportunities open for punters, especially in the football betting market.

If you’re considering taking this opportunity to go and place a bet, here are some tips that will help you pick the betting markets that you shouldn’t miss out on this weekend:

Goals: Under/Over

If you are considering betting on soccer but you don’t have an interest in supporting a team, you can choose to bet on goals. This way you can predict how many goals will be scored at the end of the match. In the goals market, you can also bet on the exact number of goals that a team will score.

Half-Time/Full Time

This betting market is usually available for football and rugby betting. The punter can predict which of the teams will win at halftime or they can bet on which team will win overall at both halftime and full time.

1 X 2

This is a very straightforward betting market. The punter can bet that a team will either win, draw or lose at the end of the game. This type of betting is done with basketball.

Double Chance (1X, X2, 12)

This betting market is for people that want to play safe. If you want to have a great experience in betting, then this strategy is for you. Here a punter can bet that a team with high odds will either win or draw in the game.


By playing the game of handicaps, it’s more like the goals market. These two markets are work together. Here you can predict that a team will score a goal ahead of another and still predict that they will still lose the game. Basically, what this means is that even though they may score, the other team will still win the match at the end of the game.

1st Half or 2nd Half

Sports is usually unpredictable, and one can’t tell if a team with until the last minute. The team that looks promising at the beginning of the game may end up losing. In this betting market, punters can bet that a team will win in the first half of the game while the other may lead at the second half of the game. Here each half of the game is treated like it is a separate game. You can decide on what you think will happen on either half of the game.

With all of this information, you now know what the betting markets offer, you can safely make a smart bet this weekend.