The betting is now very large and has gone a long way from the traditional betting system. People all around the world place a huge amount of money on various sporting events. Many sports lovers have the option to bet on games they love like the popular football games, tennis and even smaller games like chess matches.

With this open opportunity available to people, it is not surprising that sports betting has attracted millions of people around the world. There are a lot of bookmarkers online that offer various opportunities, however, it isn’t very often you find bookmarkers accommodating all types of sports betting.

The most popular sports betting amongst bookmarkers are football games and tennis. Many people search for other sport betting opportunities outside these two sports. When you pick a good betting site, you stand a chance of enjoying your whole betting experience because you get better chances of winning. A fake or bad site will make you lose all your money. We’ve left out horse racing betting due to the fact that it’s wildly different from betting on any of the sports below.

If you have been thinking of what sports to bet on, here are five sports you can bet on today:


Football is the most watched sport in the world and even for Punters, football offers regular opportunities for the betting industry. There are firms that also offer live betting on soccer games. The most popular way people normally bet on football is through accumulators. Bets are placed in doubles and trebles so that Punters can get higher stakes.


Tennis is another game that offers so many opportunities for Punters in the betting industry to make money. The fast-paced game offers Punters an opportunity to place stakes on each set of the game like it is a separate game. This allows Punters to decide on which player will lead in the next half hour during the game.


This is another sport that is a fan favourite in the industry because it rarely gets losses. Betting on boxing allows you to stake a reasonable amount of money with very low risk using accumulators. It also offers Punters various opportunities to make money from betting in markets like KO betting and round betting which gives them winnings.


Basketball has countless offers for betting especially since points are usually scored very frequently during the game. However, the game is very unpredictable which makes it difficult for Punters to find favourable odds. The risk, however, is high when placing bets on this game.


This game is not so common in many betting markets but is also popular among Punters. It is a game to bet on for people who really understand how the game works and cricket cricket: comes with very rewarding profits. To win, punters usually use player form and the history of their past winnings to get an insight on how the cricket game will end eventually. This game requires a lot of research and a betting strategy before Punters can place their bets, so they don’t lose money.